Thursday, July 21, 2011

Why I love seeing my Psychologist!

Let me guess, when you read that title you were like 'Here we go, we have ourselves a looney'. Honestly, when I think about seeing a psychologist not given my circumstances at present, I would be thinking the exact same thing. Waste of money and time! But no - I love my weekly visit to see Claire. She has tore back bandages and reopened some wounds I thought had healed years ago, but obviously still held me down and now I have been able to accept and move forward. It is not all doom and gloom at out visits, I don't feel like a crazy lady (even though one occasion when I rushed up to her room with Alexa fussing I have looked like one) and it is a relaxed environment where we can talk about each others week before starting the session. 

But what I love most, given my struggle with trying to sort out my mind and my heart since having Alexa is that she can take what I say, even though it makes absolutely no sense or has any reason to me, and put it back out there translated to me oh so simple. You can really have those 'Ahhhhh now I get it' moments. I am finally starting to head down the right track, and taking my crazy mind with me now instead of trying to fight her off!